About Us


My wife, Debbie and I began our event business in our home basement workshop back in the 1990’s. We handled events for a few friends at first, and it was awesome. Right from the beginning, I approached the process with the idea that our work didn’t have to be all about table settings and bouquets. I thought in terms of delightful, surprising designs. Creating engaging environments for our clients.

Five years later, our home was overrun with the makings of a floral studio. So we decided to find a space to work full-time. About that same time, a florist in Vinton was retiring (an amazing not-so-much coincidence), so we bought the business. Now, our flowers for special occasions and events were in one studio space! That’s when we really bloomed!

We provide our services in Roanoke, Vinton, Salem and in many areas throughout southwest and central Virginia and parts of North Carolina. We’ve grown from a staff of 2 to just over a dozen. In the beginning, it was a dozen events a year, now we handle ten to twelve a month. And I plan on being here for a long time to come!

Mark Frye

I got my rather glamorous start in the floral business washing buckets and sweeping floors at my local flower shop as a part timer in high school. I moved up to designing and kept a hand in florals for a number of years – but mainly as a hobby. My first wedding was for family friends and from there, the word of mouth grew my business – almost quicker than I was ready. Ultimately, I chose to move from the security of a corporate sales job to owning a flower studio. Because I chose this profession, I’m incredibly passionate about what I do! I see this as more than strictly a flower shop, or just being an event florist. I choose to become intimately involved with each event and feel it is my job to ensure everything is handled flawlessly.

While I’ve always worked with people (formerly as a speech pathologist and in sales), I wanted to provide beautiful design and create enduring relationships. Now, as part of Creative Occasions, I’m part of very special moments in the lives of our clients, and the community. I know we’ve made those moments far more memorable – for them and for us. And clients know I’m with them through that process. More of a friend than a vendor.