Our Team

Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.

Steve Jobs

Creative Occasions Events are magical because of our team. We have a great time working together and it shows in our work. Our designers are artists with incredible talent. Drivers and office staff ensure we meet customer needs in an oh-so-friendly way. Everyone contributing to the magic of the event.

Shirley Amos – Designer

Shirley is one of the most versatile designers I’ve ever met. She came to us with lots of prior experience in the floral business, and still is always willing to learn something new! She’s the Queen of Bouquets!

I’ve been in the floral business for a long time, and it still gives me pleasure to help make someone’s day special or bring comfort at a sad time.

Cheryl Barbour – Designer

Cheryl (aka Crystal!) is a little sprite of a person, but who can move mountains when the time calls for it! Expert on the phone and keeping the machine humming along in the middle of Friday’s turmoil!

People are like flowers. They are all different on the outside and the same on the inside (except if they’re weeds!)

Tim Beard – Delivery

Tim has been delivering flowers for the past years. He is the calm in the storm and never gets ruffled – even when the deadlines are tight!

Creative Occasions is the epitome of American small business – a solid team of professionals who are a pleasure to work with, providing a top notch product for its customers!

Cara Cooper – Office Staff

Cara keeps us going behind the scenes – posting and tracking payments, doing billing, creating labels……all that stuff that is totally necessary each and every day!!

Creative Occasions is the type of place that makes it a joy to go to work every morning. No two days are ever the same and I’ve loved every minute of it!

Caroline Jones – Event Set up Team

Caroline has been an amazing part of our event set-up team too long for me to remember! She’s worked here long enough that she almost instinctively knows how I want the event to be done (but, of course, I still have to touch everything!). Always ready to get it done!

I love working at Creative Occasions. It’s a chance to take nothing and make something so beautiful for others to enjoy. After 10 years, everything is still new, fresh and innovative!

Tracey Keith – Delivery

Tracey is like the White Tornado – moving swiftly and efficiently through the day! Always ready to help with a smile on her face and a spring in her step!

I am thrilled to work with a team full of talented people who are dedicated to excellence in adding that personal touch to each arrangement I deliver and that extra sparkle to every event we create! My goal with delivery is “no FLOWER should be LEFT BEHIND” because every occasion should be a CREATIVE one!

Vicky Keith – Event Set up Team

Vicky is another long-standing and valuable member of our event set-up team! She’s the double-checker on the details and brings her artistic eye to every set up!

I have loved working at Creative Occasions for the last 12 years. Not only for the special events, but the fulfilling of one’s dream of that beautiful wedding coming together and knowing I helped with the set up. Working with the Creative Occasion family is a great pleasure.

Pam Rhodes – Office Staff

Pam is another invaluable support person behind the scenes – quietly efficient and crazy reliable! And because of her “real” day job, she is also a sidebar financial advisor!! Thanks, Pam!

This is my FUN job! Mark’s staff is wonderful and so creative!

Laura Taylor – Designer

Laura came to us from another, more traditional flower shop and is an AMAZING designer. She’s not afraid to try anything in the world of flowers and builds some of our biggest arrangements! If it’s big, it’s got Laura’s name on it!

Working at Creative Occasions is a great experience for me. While I’ve been a designer here, I have learned techniques to make different and unique arrangements for our customers. It’s a great place to come everyday, looking to see what kind of challenge that “boss-man” has for me to do! Gotta love it!

Lisha White – Designer

Lisha has a background in theater, costume and stage design – our resident “Theater Nerd!” And quite talented as a floral designer, too. Specializes in personal flowers like corsages and boutonnieres – the detail stuff and ANYTHING that involves a crafter’s mindset!

As a designer, I find it wonderfully refreshing to work for a business owner, who not only understands the creative process, but is also willing to see the potential and take the time to train a young-ish theatrical designer with limited floral experience!