Anyone can work with a bride or event planner to build floral arrangements. What I love to do, and what we do here at Creative Occasions, is something much more extraordinary than just flowers. We take the time to really listen.

  • We sit wide-eyed with you, and hear your event hopes and plans.
  • We ooh and ahh over photos and brainstorm together.
  • We get creative and build gorgeous yet realistic plans that fit your vision.
  • Then we simply fulfill dreams.

I guess you could say we create atmospheres and engaging environments. Our floral designs, table settings and room décor elicit emotions. We look for distinctive details that are uniquely you and will convey your look and feel. One of the first questions I ask a new client is “How do you want your wedding to feel?”

I feel it’s our job to do more than decorate an event. We are here to ensure our events and occasions become these wonderful, memorable experiences the guests never forget. Our clients often tell us “Our event was perfect. You made it unforgettable.” “Our wedding was my fairytale. More than I could have dreamed!”