Trust Me

“To be trusted is a greater compliment than to be loved.” –George MacDonald
There. I’ve said it. You’ve got to trust your florist! No mistaking it!

In selecting your floral designer, you should be choosing someone you feel totally comfortable with, someone who “gets” you and the look you want for your wedding. There absolutely should be a high level of trust that comes with this relationship, so check references, ask your friends, read on-line reviews, etc. – do your homework!

And once you’ve made your decision, trust!! Let go! You’ll get much better results from a creative individual (like your floral designer) if you give them some room to do what they do best – not micromanage them. And don’t forget why you hired that amazing talent in the first place!

At home, when I’ve shared stories with my wife about a particularly “driven” client who wants to oversee every detail, she invariably says, “Don’t they realize that they’d get a much better result if they’d just trust you to do what you do best?”

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